A Perspective to Consider on Today's World – by David Plummer

24 Jun 2020 8:59 PM | Krista Argiropolis (Administrator)

We're taking a moment to share a 17-minute video by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales (many Christian parents and people raised in Christian homes will know about this series). Vischer gives viewers context as to why we see what we see in today's socio-political climate. For those of us who are trying to understand what's going on today, it explains the rage, the violence, the hopelessness, and despair that we are seeing. It gives us multiple historical contexts of how we, as a nation, have arrived at this juncture. And while you may not have experienced any of this, if you are looking to relate to what others have experienced, you may benefit from taking a few minutes to listen to this video.