A Statement Against Racism and Injustice by the CPSP Executive Chapter

05 Jun 2020 1:08 PM | Krista Argiropolis (Administrator)

We, the professional pastoral care community called the College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy, call on communities of faith, the clergy of all traditions, and all conscientious people of goodwill to condemn the racism, violence, and hatred that have overtaken us as a nation.

We call on the President of the U.S. to stand down the Army, to abandon his order of using machine guns with bayonets against our fellow Americans, to repent of misusing military troops and D.C. Police Department to clear paths of peaceful protesters using tear gas and rubber bullets to create photo opportunities in front of a house of faith without permission to do so. We call on him to cease using the Christian Bible or the sacred scriptures of any faith as props. We also call on him to cease using divisive and violence-inciting language such as demanding the “domination” of peaceful protesters, and calling them “domestic terrorists.”

We call on the nation’s Governors to resist sending armed troops to violently put down peaceful protesters. We call on the Governors to thoroughly investigate who is really behind much of the violence and destruction of property.

We call upon the great people of this nation to exercise patience, tolerance, and kindness with respect to their fellow Americans during this time of unrest. We need to stop, listen, and reflect. As one past President has recently stated, “It is time for America to examine our tragic failures” (Link).

David Plummer, Chair, CPSP Accreditation Commission

On behalf of the Executive Chapter of CPSP:

Jonathan Freeman, Co-President, Diplomates

Elizabeth Grobmyer, Co-President, Clinicians

Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

Charles Kirby, Co-Treasurer

Juan Loya, Co-Treasurer

David Plummer, Chair, Accreditation Commission

Asnel Valcin, Chair, Certification Committee

Cynthia Olson, Chair, Standards Committee

Ed Luckett, Jr., Administrator

A Statement Against Racism and Injustice by the CPSP Executive Chapter [PDF]