Public Statement in Response to the Abuse of Immigrants Seeking Asylum in Our Country -- by the CPSP Executive Chapter

16 Dec 2018 8:47 PM | Perry Miller, Editor

The continuing ill treatment of immigrants seeking refuge in our country is not congruent with who we are as a nation. We call on all citizens to protest the actions of our current government that continue to disrespect and abuse immigrants as a class. The death last week of a dehydrated child in custody after extended neglect by governmental authorities was an unconscionable, notorious and inhumane act that every decent citizen must forcefully protest. Such deeds betray the basic ideals that brought forth this nation more than two centuries ago. Many if not most of those seeking asylum are fleeing failed states, just as the Polish, Irish, Italians and others were doing in the 19th century. And we in this country are not entirely innocent of contributing to the decompensation of social order beyond our borders.  We must not remain silent in the face of such despicable and inhumane treatment of those desperate for safe harbor.

Ruth Zollinger and David Plummer, Co-Presidents
Charles Kirby Treasurer
Cynthia Olson, Associate General Secretary
Raymond J. Lawrence, General Secretary

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