Setting up a Certification Review Panel in Your Area -- by the CPSP Certification Committee

20 Sep 2018 11:45 AM | Krista Argiropolis (Administrator)

Certification review panels are scheduled at least three to four times a year, starting with the panel held before the annual Plenary. Customarily, the committee holds panels just before the NCTS-East (Spring and Fall) and NCTS-West events. Did you know that you can petition the committee to schedule a review panel in your area? 

The steps to having a review panel in your area are simple and we're going to share with you how to get one set up. 

Planning & Polling
Ideally, six months before the desired review panel date, identify a minimum of eight members who are candidates for certification in your area or in the surrounding areas. It would be helpful to find out who in your area would be available to serve on a review panel, and wouldn't have a conflict of interests with the candidates. You'll find that chapter conveners, training supervisors, supervisors-in-training and your representative from the Chapter of Chapters would be your best resources for gathering names of qualified panelists. 

Pick a Date
Your next step would be to pick a date - keep in mind not to schedule an event near a holiday or other religious observances. Weekend dates are usually best for travel; stay clear from any dates which would conflict with other CPSP announced events.  

Pick a Location
Gather some information on a possible location that includes at least two meeting rooms that can be held for a minimum of six to eight hours. The best place for holding a review is one that is a business location with meeting spaces or institutions such as: schools, hospitals, hotels, and retreat centers. Libraries and churches are also good places to look for a cost-effective or free meeting space — we have more information for how to choose a good location and you can check with us for it. Any contracts for a location should first be sent to Krista for review. Only Krista is authorized to enter into contract with the leasing agent.

Finalize Plans and Open Registration
Once you've identified candidates, a possible date and location, please contact Krista, she'll work with you and the Certification Committee to review the plans and finalize logistics so that registration may be open on the website. 

The Certification Committee has three review panels coming up before the 2019 Plenary -- Danville, CA; Morristown, NJ; and San Antonio, TX. We look forward to setting up more in 2019!

The CPSP Certification Committee

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